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Svetlana is a keen dancer and was first introduced to the classical Russian ballet at the age of 6. She later explored various modern styles - Jazz, RnB, Contemporary, as well as Brazilian Zouk and free-form practices such as 5 Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance. As a dance practitioner, Svetlana most enjoys the improvisation element and is interested in the therapeutic benefits of dance, its relationship to the concept of Freedom & Expression. Her latest discovery is Inner Dance, in which she is a trained facilitator.


Svetlana is a yoga lover and a tantra ‘explorer’ (trained with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita of Tantra Essence, Bruce Lyon of Shamballa School, Deva Premal, Miten, and Rafia). She is inspired by the topics of mindfulness, collective & personal well-being, as well as value-based leadership, and how to bring these into everyday lives through embodiment, meditation, creative research and art. She supports Ecstatic Dance and Inner Dance communities in France, and is a co-creator of Embodied Knowledge Lab.

Svetlana brings a powerful mix of various dancing styles, energy practices, and sacred feminine essence onto the dance floor. She is convinced everyone can dance and will surely get you moving.

Dance Improvisation, Womenswork


"Dancing is like making love to the music"

Katie Holland is the creator of Awakened Bellydance™. Following an innate fascination for dance and the profound healing it can give, Middle Eastern dances in particular have given Katie insights into the depths of her bodily wisdom. Katie made a conscious commitment to dance her way to self-remembering, living in truth whilst focusing on deep connection to self, others and the universe.  


A highly sought after professional dancer across the world, Katie has an extensive experience as an Inner Dance Facilitator, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher and energy worker. Training directly with Pi Villaraza - creator of ID, Katie has been extremely active in sharing this powerful modality and held the first facilitator training in the UK. 


Katie's dance experience encompasses Arabic dance, Afro-Samba, Bharatnatyam, Nepalese Buddhist Tantric dances, Gurdjieff Sacred dances, Sufi Whirling, Kundalini dance, Balinese dance and other. She is a Facilitator/Practitioner of: Awakened Bellydance, Inner dance, Access Bars, Reiki, etc.

Awakened Belly Dance, Inner Dance, Kundalini Work


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"All movement is divine when the Heart is danced awake"


Tom Woodfin has a background in mixed martial arts, and his work focuses on movement, breathwork and sound journeys. He’s also had extensive training and practice in the field of energy psychology, having worked with people on sports performance, emotional release work, and PTSD issues. His style incorporates elements of non violent communication, active listening and meditative dialogues to help integrate what’s brought up in the sessions. He’s also a practicing vipassana meditator having completed several courses as both a server and full time student. 

His current project is Perception architecture, a website focused on the different methods and modalities of deconstructing and reconstructing belief systems or ways of thinking primarily using the body, that help us to integrate the past so we’re no longer projecting it into the future, become more whole and live well in the world.

Tom is also a talented DJ and his mixes are expressive, strong and intuitive - they present a powerful instrument accompanying people in conscious trance and embodiment journeys.

Breathwork, Martial Arts


Winston Schmidt-Dejaño is a certified wellness coach and personal trainer. He focuses on embodied movement and his ongoing research looks into the different aspects of human vitality: nutrition, movement and detoxification. He specialises in pain therapy and trauma release, and uses massage and acupressure & shiatsu techniques to render holistic, intuitive and heart-felt treatment to his clients.


Winston is also an inner dance facilitator trained in Bahay Kalipay  in Philippines - the home of Inner Dance. He works with both individuals and groups to guide them into conscious trance and awaken inner wisdom - the wisdom of the body.


His passions include fitness, dance, and music, and their functions as integrative therapeutic tools.

Movement Therapy


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Alexandra Endaltseva is a scholar and a dancer, currently living in Paris, France.


She is originally trained in Russian folk dance, but has also trained in contact improvisation with Asaf Bachrach and Matthieu GAUDEAU, contemporary-Graham with Maggie Boogaart; and in aerial gymnastics and circus arts (L’école du Cirque Electrique). She is a participant of the 2019 edition of Camping of the Centre National de Danse (Paris, France), following the class of Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard. She regularly participates in contact improvisation jams, volunteers as a spaceholder at the Ecstatic Dance Paris, and attends seminars and events organized by science-art laboratory Labodance.


Her scholarly interests lay in the fields of health, care, and knowledge production. She is currently finishing her PhD dissertation in health anthropology at EHESS in Paris. She is an intuit, mover, climber, multipotentialite, and non-stop learner of the new. 

Alexandra is a co-creator of the Embodied Knowledge Lab

Contact Improvisation, Dance Research