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© 2018 The Sacred Language Of Dance.

Dance is Life!

Breath… Movement... Flow... Truth...

Just like Life itself, one can’t capture the Dance!

It is an ever-evolving process - you can only experience it here and now

- Giving space to your being to unfold!

Witnessing the body as a sacred temple

and the dance as a language for your soul to explore and express itself!

A soul that’s born to dance

A gaze. A smile. A waft of air and hair falling down my face…

Tingling sensations in the fingertips as if from a slight electricity charge..

A swing of an arm and an energy wave running through my body.

Silence. Sounds. Music. The heartbeat.

A deep sigh and the ribcage opening wider and wider

Exposing the doorway… to the Heart.

The Heart. The Essence. The sacred union of Spirit and Matter

Through my body, with all the five senses involved.

I am lost and I am found.

My body melts down in the music,

Collapses to the floor and then

Resurrects again and again. I am lost and I am found.

And then, across the room, there is another gaze.

Another pair of eyes… a smile…

Tempting, teasing, inviting… …

to explore the Truth through connection.

My fingertips gently touch your soul,

Just as yours are touching mine

Carefully, delicately

Brushing through the ether.

Before our bodies trust each other completely…

Your eyes lead my steps

And the space between us breathes alive

Expanding and shrinking, inhale-exhale.

Now is the moment -

Your arms embrace my waist, my hands around your shoulders.

Your thighs press against mine,

Your chest leans forward and mine leans back as I bend in a graceful cambré…


We dissolve, disappearing in the newly born Consciousness –

New Being… with four arms and four legs, four hands and four feet…

And two hearts beating in unison,


Pure essence and beauty pulsing through the veins

Two bodies defying the gravity,

Burning in flames of ecstasy, wildness and nirvana altogether

Until the silence drops again…and then…

A tender goodbye. My hands… My feet… Your legs… Your arms…

Mine versus yours again,

As we are unplugging from the joint consciousness.

Your hand squeezes mine for the last time.

Our eyes connect and our souls kiss goodbye in the light of the imminent parting.

A gaze… A smile…

“Thank you for the dance!”

This journey is finished… but there will be others...

poem by Svetlana Kim (Sacred Language of Dance author)